Mineral Exploration in Jungle

Mineral exploration in remote areas in Africa can be grueling and paint-full. It is quite easy to locate exploration target on the map during desktop planning. Different story is to get there. Local labors can offer the best support in a jungle. They are able to drag exploration equipment and camp gear through a jungle.

Humble Women

Portrait of women selling charcoal and palm oil in Pweto public marketplace.

Kids from Slum

Put your future in good hands – your own. Can it be really true?

Turtle Soup Recipe

Illegal miners anywhere in Africa spend a long time in the forests busy with mineral extraction. Usually they starve all day, having just a pack of cigarettes, water from streams and some bread or rice. Wild life animals like rats, tortoises, squirrels ..etc. are very welcomed for meal. Tortoises are usually smashed by slash hammer and

Lunch Time in Deep Forest

One member of group local workers was chosen  to cook lunch for them. Simple diet composed from rice, dried fish, hot pepper and palm oil. Photo was taken in Sierra Leone during exploration activities in remote areas of The Kambui Hills.

Craftsmanship of Indigenous People is Always Practical to Use

There must be something irrevocable and therefore craftsmanship of indigenous people will be always practical to use. Even if

Africa Like Listen to Radio Broadcast

The analog radio from old days is still very popular in Africa. The villages hidden in the deep valleys of

Illegal Mining – The Way Survive

The area around the town of Kenema in Sierra Leone has many places where rivers are depositing alluvial sediments containing layers with the occurrence of diamonds, gold or coltan. Rare minerals are a popular business article so many people from surrounding villages trying their luck to find them. But it is not an easy job

Dinner with Chopsticks and Samsung Galaxy

Dinner with chopsticks and Samsung Galaxy. South Koreans love use the mobiles much more frequently then chopsticks.

Slap me silly and call me darling!

Photo shows youth fooling around on the beach along a big river close to Kenema, Sierra Leone. It

The Value of Gold is relative

The value of gold is relative and therefore different groups of people consider it’s importance differently. For some, the gold is a tool of power but for another symbol of luxury, wealth or peace. The value of gold from African gold diggers point of view a gold only represents a particular opportunity to buy a pack